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Welcome to SWC Group of Companies

Welcome to SWC Group of Companies

About Us

  SWC Group of Companies is a global organization  and operating around the world through several subsidiaries. SWC Group
of Companies was founded my Mr. Adrish Banerjee who, in an effort to manage his own family
portfolio like a equity fund attracted attention from some of the wealthiest families in North
America, Middle East, Asia and Europe, later also a number of institutional investors.
With its disciplined investment approach coupled with exceptional return, the company attracted new sources of investment from sovereign funds and pension funds.

We also specialize in Private Placements, PIPEs,  Convertible Securities, Preferred Securities, Senior and Subordinate Debt Services, Merger Advisories.  

Our Commercial Real Estate Division has over $3.8 Billion in Real Estate Holdings, mostly
Mid-High rise office buildings, single or multiple tenant retail centers, warehouses and mixed use

Our Investment Strategy

We specialize in US and Foreign Equity Investment, we use various derivatives and trading strategies to capture Alpha. Our YTD return is better than the index.

  SWC owns commercial real estates worth $3.8 Billion US Dollars in 17 states, which includes 20 Million Square Feet of rentable class "A" office space, 2 Million Square Feet of Retail and another 2 Million Square Feet of Industrial Spaces.

Normally  SWC invests in  high -rise or mid -rise Class-A office  buildings ,  industrial buildings, Shopping centers with minimum GLA of 75,000 Sq. Ft. SWC prefers credit worthy tenants. SWC Transaction's sizes are from $2 Million to $800 Million. SWC can acquire a single asset or a portfolio of asset.

SWC prefers Fee Simple Ownership but will consider ground lease on case-by-case basis. Predominantly cash transactions. Quick closings-30 day due diligence and 15 day close.

 Investment Criteria for NNN Asset:

Property Type:  All commercial properties including corporate headquarters, office buildings, retail facilities, industrial facilities, bank branches, and other special purpose real estate such as restaurant and hotels.  Sale Lease Backs.  

Tenant: Nationally listed public companies  or companies with minimum net worth of $500 million. Strong private companies will be considered.

Lease: We prefer to negotiate a new lease from the inception of the transaction. Absolute NNN only. An original lease term of 15-20 years.  _

Our Management

  Adrish Banerjee,  Chairman  & CEO  SWC Group

Adrish Banerjee joined SWC Group as Chief Investment Officer in October 2003.  Prior to joining SWC Group, Adrish had been a private wealth manager at Crowell Weedon & Company, one of the oldest investment management firms. Previously he had spent almost a decade at Morgan Stanley, one of the most prestigious investment banking firms in the world. During his career on Wall Street, Adrish has become a highly seasoned expert in the full spectrum of specialties in the financial industry, from private wealth management all the way to investment banking.With his expertise in finance and economics, Adrish has advised President G.W.Bush’s Economic team, Governor Schwarzenegger’s transition team, and many other government entities in the United States.  As a private consultant, he has often advised the governments of foreign countries. In addition, he has been part of several philanthropic activities, especially in West Africa and Southeast Asia.   Adrish also worked for Victory '04 Bush Cheney Campaign and led election effort in Los Angeles. He also served as the 39 th California Assembly District Chair.  He enjoys sailing, golf and gourmet cooking. 

Catherine Yan He,   Strategic Investment Advisor of  SWC  Group of Companies  
Catherine Yan He joined SWC Group as Director of Equity Research in February 2006. She is currently co-managing SWC China Fund, also the  interim CEO of SWC's Textile Division. Catherine has previously worked as a Program Director for Preventive Medicine and Infectious Diseases program between Keck School of Medicine, CDC and China CDC.  Prior to working with CDC, she had been a program coordinator at the World Bank.

Catherine has an MBA from California Lutheran University, Masters in Public Health (MPH) from University of Southern California, and Bachelors of Art degree in Business from Xi'an Jiaotong University in China.

Catherine is a menber of various professional women's societies, and she also sits on the boards of several non-profit organizations.  

Melissa Lee, PhD, Director of European Operations   


Dr. Lee is a native of China. Exceptionally cultured and educated, Dr Lee received BS from Tsinghua University in 1996, and subsequently MBA in 1998 from Said School of Business, University of Oxford, and PhD in Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science in 2002.  She has extensive experience in human resource management and organizational design and transformation. Between1998 to 2000, she worked at Barclays Bank as Associate Director of Human Resources, after which she moved on to become a Senior Executive Recruiter at McKenzie Consulting in London, UK until 2004. In mid 2004, Dr Lee became the Director of European Operations at UK-based Mindpower Worldwide, Ltd, where she has built a solid client base in Europe, North America as well as in Asia.  She became the Director of Operations (Europe) for Mindpower Worldwide after the acquisition of the company by SWC Group, and her focus has transitioned into developing new client base in Europe in the arenas of tourism destinations and facilities, commercial and residential projects, civil infrastructure, and all other service areas of  SWC Group.  

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